Wireless dog fence – Information

A Wireless pet fence is a great way to let your pet roam freely around your yard without you having to worry! We show you to what you should pay most attention while picking the best wireless dog fence from the top of the line wireless fence brands.

wireless dog fence

Using wireless fence is so easy. You do not need to follow very complicated instructions and no longer have to do difficult installations. However, there are times especially for first time customers to become unfamiliar with the proper ways on how to use our wireless dog containment systems. This difficulty will sometimes be accompanied by the worries on how to effectively train their dogs. But of course, you have to remember that training should be fun, fair, firm and consistent.

On this page you will find a list of benefits and disadvantages of having a wireless fence system.


  • Wireless fence is not for everyone. Here are some benefits of owning a wireless fence.
  • For most people the simple fact that the fence is invisible is the biggest benefit. Home owners can have open yards while keeping their pets contained.
  • A wireless fence is the perfect solution for houses that have zoning guidelines that prohibits building structures like fences.
  • A wireless fence that is properly installed and a dog that is properly trained will eliminate the blame game of; who left the gate open?
  • A wireless fence is actually cheaper and easier to install than a physical fence.


  • A wireless fence is not the solution for every pet owner. If any of the following apply you should reconsider finding a different solution.
  • Aggressive dogs can not be trusted with solely a wireless fence. It is recommended that you have both a physical and wireless fence system in your yard.
  • Pregnant dogs should not be trained with a wireless fence. The last thing you want to do is harm any unborn puppies.
  • Infirm dogs should not be trained with a wireless fence. Infirm or sick dogs should be trained special with extra commitment. If you believe your dog can not handle training sessions do not waste your time buying a wireless fence.


  • Puppies should be at least 6 months old before you start training.
  • If a dog is under 10 pounds make sure you purchase the right wireless system for your pet.